11 June 2010

Strawberries / Mouth

This is Oliver, indicating he wants a strawberry in his mouth. The value of having videos to accompany a recording is that you can (usually) work out what he is saying. In the absence of pictures, that would be tough, particularly as strawberry is pronounced as [dʒaˈbi].I have transcribed a 90 second video, and in it he says the following words:

   strawberry [dʒaˈbi]
   mouth [maʊf]
   bee [biː]
   flower [fawə]
   race [ræʃ]
   Mummy eat [mʌmi iʔ]
   boing [bæɪŋ]
   turtle [tətu]
   car race [kɑː ræʃ]

Note the two-word utterances here. We can be sure that they are two-word utterances, not fixed phrases, because mummy, eat, car, and race all occur independently.

One puzzle is why there is an [f] at the end of mouth but not at the end of off, which is pronounced as [ɒʃ], as I mentioned in my previous blog (here). It seems hard to explain this on the basis of phoneme occurrence. Maybe we need to treat words as the basic unit of phonology, and the pronunciation of each word can be unpredictable.