09 January 2011

New Maps

In the past month, some new maps have been installed along the Tasek Lama to Markucing forest trail in Brunei. Here's a picture of the one near the BSB start of the trail:If you look carefully at the details, there is a bit of a problem: the legend at the bottom shows how long 1 km is; but the map suggests that the part of the trail between Peak 9 (Bukit Laur) and Peak 10 (Bukit Markucing) is 1.3 km long.

It's not too easy to see here, so I'll expand the two relevant parts of the map, enlarging each by the same amount to keep their relative size constant. Here is the section of the trail, which the map suggests is 1.3 km long:And here is the legend showing how long 1 km is:This cannot be correct. If the map is accurate, that trail must be at least 2 km long. Either the scale of the map is wrong, or some of the distances shown on the map are incorrect.

Never mind, they are splendid maps and should be very helpful for people following the trails, even if the distances are maybe not quite right.