16 May 2011


See if you can guess what items are most often smuggled into Brunei. Alcohol is an obvious guess, given that its sale is forbidden in Brunei, and that is indeed true. You might also guess tobacco, especially as Brunei has recently implemented a heavy tax on the sale of cigarettes while Malaysia has not, so they are much cheaper over the border. And once again, you would be right. But what else?

Here is an extract from an article on page 1 of the Media Permata of 16 May, 2011, discussing the seizure of contraband goods:This might be translated as:
After investigation, the authorities found 412 cartons of cigarettes and two kilos of chicken wings which were hidden inside the vehicle.
Yes, chicken wings is the third major type of goods smuggled into Brunei. I have no idea why. It must be something to do with the cost of halal chickens or something.