08 April 2012

BELTA Conference

Last Friday, I gave a presentation at the Brunei English Language Teachers' Association (BELTA) conference held in the Language Centre at UBD. Here's a picture of me giving the talk from page A8 of The Brunei Times of 7 April, 2012 ― that's me at the front.I was talking about use of the Internet in teaching English, and how we must be careful about the reliability of resources like Wikipedia. Not particularly profound, I admit! But maybe one or two of the websites I discussed will have been of interest to the participants.

I find it hard to get used to the idea that my rather mundane presentation was reported in one of the national newspapers. But then in a country where the installation of an ATM machine or a new set of traffic lights can be reported in the national newspapers (here and here), perhaps it is not so surprising that my presentation was also covered.

And I guess it's encouraging that methods of teaching and learning English are regarded as important enough to merit a newspaper report.