08 October 2010

Working in the Private Sector

It seems to be the ambition of most people in Brunei to work for the government. Presumably this is because the government treats its workers well, with good perks and also a job for life.

One side-effect of this is that people are unwilling to work in the private sector. Indeed, most students at UBD seem keen to get a government job after they graduate.

I was reminded of this when reading an assignment submitted by one of my students. In describing her family, she said:
Thus some of us work with the government as educational officer, immigration officer, army and teacher while two of my siblings only work as private company workers.
Note the use of only in reference to those who work in the private sector!

There is nowadays a realisation that the government cannot continue to try to provide jobs for everyone, and there is a need to generate a spirit of entrepeneurism. Time will tell how effective this is.