07 February 2012


One of my favourite places in Brunei is Bukit Shahbandar. It offers splendid walks through the forest, and I try to go there for an energetic workout once a week.

At one place in Shahbandar, someone has left this 'installation', using empty plastic bottles placed over twigs in the ground. It's a bit hard to read from this angle, but it spells out Bukit ('hill'). (The B is closest to us, and we are looking at it from the side.)What I don't get is why anyone would want to destroy the forest trail with such an ugly array of plastic bottles.

I guess it might be intended as a protest about pollution, or something like that. But how is adding to pollution a constructive way of protesting about it? And how could someone spend so much time creating such a hideous installation along a forest trail?

If this is supposed to be art, I simply don't understand it.